• MCPS Student Login 2021-2022


    • YOUR USERNAME FOLLOWS THIS CONVENTION: (all lower case letters) 
    • Last 2 digits of your graduation year
    • First 3 letters of your last name
    • First 3 letters of your first name


    • Example: John Smith 2025 would have username: 25smijoh
    • For duplicates, some students may have a “2” added to the end



    • New 9th graders and new-to-district student passwords will be Student21the student will immediately be prompted to change their password.
    • Student passwords must fit the following criteria:

    o   Does not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters 

    o   Be at least eight characters in length 

    o   Contain characters from three of the following four categories:

    • English uppercase characters (A through Z) 
    • English lowercase characters (a through z) 
    • Number (0 through 9) 
    • Symbol (!, $, #, %, @)


    • 10th-12th student password is the password set by a student during the previous school year. In this case, many students will still have the password of 

    Mcps + Students 7 digit student ID #

    • Example: John Smith with a student ID # of 1234567 will have a password of Mcps123456 for his accounts.
    • Once logged in passwords can be changed by holding CTRL+ALT+DELETE at the same time.


    Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

    Account & email is username@student.mcpsmt.org (accessed through WebConnect link on MCPS website).  Password is the same as network password.

    Having trouble? Email password@mcpsmt.org with a description of your problem, or check with the librarians to have your password reset.