• Our mission is to foster a collaborative atmosphere that inspires innovation and creativity, integrates content knowledge with skill building, and develops safety and professional practices. 


  • Our Seeley-Swan community is the backbone of educating our youth.  Without you, our shop/art curriculum would be solely reliant on a limited budget that would not serve the potential and creative imagination of our students.  We are here to unlock the potential energy of our students and allow them to explore, practice, and hone their skills and crafts in preparation for life beyond secondary education.  Your support reaches our students in so many ways and provides an abundance of resources and materials for both the industrial arts (welding & carpentry) and the fine arts (drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpting, etc.) programs.  We encourage our community to continue acting as a primary source of inspiration and support.  Thank you to all of those local businesses and individuals who provide our students with donations and we encourage those wanting to help, to reach out. 


    Please contact me for ways to donate or help.


    Warren Bunde
    Art/Industrial Arts
    Seeley-Swan High School
    (406) 677-2224 ext. 5745