Trace Stone 677-2224 x5726 
     Phot of Mr Stone and family
    Hi! I'm Mr. Stone. Here at Seeley-Swan High School, 

    I teach

    • Dual-Credit American Government (PSCI 210)
    • United States Government and the Political Economy
    • United States History
    • World Geography
    • Spanish 1 and 2

    and I manage

    • Student Council
    • GROW (Gardening Regardless of Weather)- our greenhouse-to-cafeteria/community food operation
    • Destinations For Education- our student travel and cultural appreciation group
    • Our responsible resource use and 'small batch' recycling efforts
    • Our disc golf course!!!!
    • Informal but invaluable hallway seminars that desperately seek to bring students up-to-speed on critical pop culture references that predate them

    and I learn

    • year after year that my students are resilient, compassionate, fun, and full of potential
    • non-critical pop culture references that postdate me