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  • Information Regarding Coronavirus


    After deliberation and consideration of public input, our MCPS Board of Trustees voted on May 1, 2020, to keep our schools on our remote learning plan through the remainder of the school year. If you are interested in some of the key issues that informed this decision, I have shared them at the bottom of this letter.

    Our school campuses, office buildings, and playgrounds will remain closed until further notice.

    We will work with administrators and our educators to finalize our grading information so that we can inform our families. In addition, our response team will start working on an “end-of-year” plan that includes operational topics such as, return of materials, locker/desk cleanout and other tasks we will need to accomplish in a safe manner as we think about wrapping up the end of the year.

    For more information, please visit the Coronavirus Information webpage.


    Meals for youth - open to ANY youth under 18 (even private school or homeschool students, or students from other school districts)

    • During this school closure period, our school lunch and breakfast program is open to all youth for FREE.  There is no limitation related to income status nor previous qualification for free/reduced lunch. Any youth can receive free meals, regardless of status.
    • Meals will be delivered on the bus route, see details below


    Starting at SLE at 11:00:

    • 1st Stop Eagle Dr. (by Lutheran Church) 11:05
    • 2nd Stop Canyon & Frontier 11:06
    • 3rd Stop Highland & Canyon 11:08
    • 4th Stop N. Canyon & Canyon 11:09
    • 5th Stop Tamarack & Redwood 11:17
    • 6th Stop Morrell & Laurel 11:19
    • 7th Stop (Wink’s house) 11:23
    • 8th Stop Mill St. & Riverview Dr. 11:24
    • 9th Stop Grizzly Dr. & Riverview Dr. (trailer court) 11:25
    • 10th stop In between ICP & Cedar Ln. 11:30
    • 11th Stop Rich Pratt Driveway 11:35
    • 12th Stop Elaines Way 11:37
    • 13th Stop Hwy 83 & Boy Scout Rd. 11:39
    • 14th Stop Fawn Creek Rd & Boy Scout Rd. 11:41
    • 15th Stop Abbey Rd. (by Deer Creek Excavating) 11:43
    • 16th Log Yard (Old Gray Mill) turnaround. (Just before Camp Cr.) 11:48

    Conley Transportation will then drive to cover the students at Placid Lake, and the Junction.  Estimated times:

    • Leaving SL @12:00 HWY 83 to Placid lake Rd. 12:10,
    • Hwy 83 to the Junction 12:25.

    Each bag will include both breakfast and lunch.

    • Please send only one person from each family (this can be an adult) to pick up the meals at a pick up site or a bus stop for youth under 18 in your household.  When picking up meals at a school site or a bus stop, please maintain a 6 foot distance from others waiting in line for meals.

    The timing may flex by 10-15 minutes from the posted schedule as we get the system up and running.

    Food Allergies: Parents or guardians, please examine the food  for those students who have food allergies. We will identify lunches that have peanuts, but we recognize that there are other food allergies.  If your student has known food allergies, please check over the food that has been delivered for any potential problems. If you have questions about how the food was prepared or specific ingredients, please contact our food service department at 728-2400 ext. 3023 or 5012 or slrossmiller@mcps.k12.mt.us

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