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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, March 13th and Tuesday, March 14th
4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 
Drop-in or Scheduled Appointments are welcome. 

Since head lice is not uncommon in school age children, the district wants to remind parents of resources and the school procedures which are located on the district website > student services > health services > head lice. You may also contact the family resource centers or the school nurse for written information or resources.

Remember that:

·  People usually don’t have symptoms of having head lice for several weeks after becoming infested. A common symptom is itching which is also common with dandruff and dry skin.

· People get head lice from other infested people mostly when they have head to head contact as head lice do not fly, swim or jump.

· It’s easier to treat head lice when found “early” so checking hair for head lice at home is important for any symptoms or even periodically.

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The Missoula Education Foundation (MEF) is now accepting grant applications for the MEF 2017-2018 Creative Classroom Grants.  The application deadline is April 28, 2017.  
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