Healthy Meals, Healthy Students
Kids learn best on full stomachs - it's a proven fact - and MCPS offers a healthy breakfast and lunch every school day!  MCPS serves more than 6,000 breakfasts and lunches daily to students. These meals are both tasty and healthy, and meet the nutritional standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Like to learn more? Contact Stacey Rosmiller in the MCPS Department of Food & Nutrition Services at 728-2400, ext. 3023, or
Helpful Links:

Health and Wellnesss Leadership Council 

The District's Health and Wellness policy provides guidance for several programs. Click here to view the Health and Wellness policy #2510. 

CATCH-ing 'Whoa, Slow and Go' Foods

CATCH stands for Coordinated Approach To Child Health. MCPS Food and Nutrition Services will be supporting this curriculum by identifying "Whoa, Slow and Go" foods on the food line.  If you have questions about CATCH, contact our department at 728-2400 ext. 3023, or email at or visit the CATCH website at Providence Health Services.

Whole Wheat Cookies ... Really!

The cookies that are served in your child's lunch are made from scratch (whole wheat flour!) and cooked in Missoula at the MCPS Central Kitchen. Our kitchen staff is dedicated to serving MCPS students healthy, homemade food.  All of our bread products and pizza crusts are also whole wheat and scratch made.  This change was initiated several years ago, and students never noticed. Do you have questions about other foods that come from our kitchen? Call Ed Christensen at 728-2400, ext. 5012, and he'll be happy to answer them.