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  • Bear Aware

    Staff at Fish, Wildlife and Parks are starting to see a shift of bear activity into the lower elevations. The bears will be searching for hawthorn berries, snow berries, etc---but also fruit trees in back yards. Keep an eye out on the website for updated information on bear and mountain lion activity. Remember that at this time of year, if you live near a draw, mountain, river or wild area along the Missoula fringe, be diligent about containing attractants---no garbage stored outside, all fruit picked, no bird feeders swinging, no freezers in open garages or back porches and no pet or livestock feed stored outside in plastic containers, etc. Also the feeding of turkeys and deer and salting for deer and elk is not recommended as it will lure in deer and turkeys---which inevitably lures in lions. Let’s all do our part to keep kids safe on their way to school!
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