What can I do to support my gifted learner?

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Students identified as exceptional and gifted are eligible to receive individualized supports aimed to keep them excited in their learning experience. One avenue is through Defined Learning, a Project-Based Learning platform that extends applicable learning tasks in an exciting way for students. 

Students, teachers, and families can also check out resources from the district Gifted Education Library in Admin Building B. Here, there are many exciting options to support students, ranging from texts to help you understand a gifted learner better, to activities geared toward student's individual interests. These resources can help direct student learning in an exciting, enriching way.

Parents are welcomed advocates for their gifted child's appropriate placement, curriculum and social and emotional needs. Check with your school if you are interested in volunteering with small groups of students for challenging activities.  Relevant materials and books are available for parents through the Gifted Education Library, as mentioned above.