"I Love Reading Week" and more!

Posted by Clarke McGibben on 4/15/2022 3:30:00 PM

Hello 1M Families,

This weeks BOOM folder is once again packed with important information such as details on our “I Love Reading” week NEXT WEEK, upcoming math investigations and more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Happy Birthday Otto on April 20th!

I Love Reading Week, April 18th-22nd

Please see the flier in your child's BOOM folder on the upcoming week. There will be dress up days, special author studies, and even a stuffy day. Please note: your child’s stuffy should be able to fit into their cubby (not much bigger than their backpacks). No giant stuffies please. 

Don’t forget to have your child read each night, for at least 15 minutes (30 is preferred!). This makes a huge difference in their reading success! If you are being met with resistance, consider reading to them instead. 

Special next week: PE

Library check-out is Friday, April 22nd.


Your child finished up unit 2 and took the assessment. Please check their BOOM folder for their score.

Next, we are studying tens and ones place values and counting to 120. Children are expected to write and count accurately to 120 by the end of first grade. If your child is still struggling with this, please consider practicing at home to support their growth.  

On Tuesday, we had a special visitor-my sister! She worked with the children on making paper flowers to add to our branches in the classroom. While we took down the snowflakes and said goodbye to winter in the room, of course Montana had different ideas. We are, however, ready for spring in 1M!

On Friday, we continued with our constellation mini-deep dive and created our own constellations. Ask your child about theirs. They will be returning home in the next few weeks. 

Thanks to the parents who donated some colored pencils, markers and erasers. Again, not expected but appreciated! We are still in need of some markers as we have zero back-ups and our markers are running very low on ink. If you have some to donate, it’s appreciated. Thank you!

Available to help out with the Fun Run on May 20th? Please contact the PTA at rattlesnakepta@gmail.com 


Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. McGibben