Welcome Back!

Posted by Clarke McGibben on 1/7/2022 3:30:00 PM

Hello First Grade Families,

What a busy first week of the new year! We hit the ground running, or perhaps more like skating through all of this snow…

Please read below for important announcements!


  1. This week we discussed CVCe words (consonant-vowel-consonant-e). This is a change up from what they’ve been used to reading as we start with a lot of CVC words when we begin reading (i.e. cat, dog, mat, hid, sit, etc.). In addition, we talked about how when “c” is paired with an -e or -i, it makes a “ssssss” sound and when “g” is paired with an -e or -i it makes a “j” sound. This weekend, please take time to read the decodable readers in your child’s BOOM folder. These readers practice these new tools for reading. Please return them on Monday.
  2. In math, we are wrapping up our Lesson 10 and completing our Unit 1 test! Soon we will begin Unit 2 which covers addition and subtraction within 20 and representing data. If your child is still struggling to recognize teen numbers, please work with them at home. Tip: when checking, don’t ask them to identify numbers in order as they’ve likely memorized the order but remembering the number out of order is different. 
  3. Extra shoes are super helpful during the wet months. Without them, snow and mud is tracked into our classroom, making our class rug and carpet wet. When we sit on them for whole group activities, it can be uncomfortable. If you are able to provide a pair of slippers (with a hard sole in case of emergencies) or comfortable tennis shoes, that would be much appreciated!
  4. Special next week is Art!


Homework! Reading for 15 minutes each night with your child is our homework. Both reading to and having them read is great. If you need any recommendations, please reach out to myself or our librarian, Robin Nygren. 


Happy New Year! 


Ms. McGibben