Picture Day Monday and Other Announcements

Posted by Clarke McGibben on 10/1/2021 3:45:00 PM

Hello First Grade Families,

What a wonderful and sunny week! Our trip to the PEAS farm was fantastic. As it was my first time, I was so excited to see the children engaged and eager to try new things. What a wonderful community resource! A few reminders and announcements….


  1. Per the student handbook, toys are not allowed at school. They should not be stored in backpacks as they become a major distraction during transition times and can become lost. Toys like slingshots, nerf guns, etc. are especially not allowed. If you have any questions, please reference the student handbook or reach out. 
  2. Picture day is this MONDAY, OCTOBER 4TH. You can find the info in their BOOM folder. Please order online or return the form on Monday. 
  3. Special next week is Art.
  4. “Homework” While not required, please play the Race to the Pond game your child is bringing home today. We are working on letters, letter sounds, and short “o” words. Consistent and supportive practice will allow your reader to become fluent while decoding words. Thanks!
  5. Scholastic Book Orders: New order form in BOOM folder. Due on Monday, 10/4.
  6. On Monday….Happy Birthday Sam!


In ELA this week, we began a new unit! We are reading “Time to Sleep,” an informational text about the different ways animals sleep. We are using text features such as a table of contents to locate information and learning to ask and answer questions using the text. We are also focusing on the letters Dd, Hh, Ll, and Oo. In addition, we are learning to decode short “o” words such as top, dot, shop, etc. Please play the “Race to the Pond” game with your scholar at least twice this weekend. You will need one die and game pieces (such as coins, or pieces from other games). We are saying the lily pads skip forward one space, not go backwards. 


In math, we finished up our “doubles” and “near doubles” study. We will spend the next week reviewing our first two units, working on our number writing and recognition, and then moving into our next investigation of number bonds. 


Have a fabulous weekend,

Ms. McGibben 

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