Distance Learning

Hello Everyone,

I have missed seeing and spending time with all of you.  I am looking forward to us starting this new adventure together and increasing our learning.  It will be a challenge but we will work everything out in time.  Let’s end this school year on a positive note!

As we move forward I will post assignments in a variety of ways:

Googe Classroom (I have sent an invitation to everyone via your school email/included parent and guardians as well)

The calendar on my school page

Student Q

Please be aware that Quarter 3 ends on April 3rd and grades will be posted April 7th.  You are responsible for all assignments up until Friday March 13th, the day before spring break.  I will accept late assignments thru Friday April 3, 2020 until 3:00 PM.  If you are missing work, it is your responsibility to get it to me. If you need assistance you must reach out to me as soon as possible so we can figure out a plan.

It is very important that you check your school emails several times a day to make sure you have seen the assignments.  I will assign classwork on Mondays and it will be due on Friday of that week unless I post otherwise. 

All Q Checks are due the day they are assigned. To complete Q checks it is exatly like we have done all year but you will need to do it in Google Docs and share it with me at lbryant@mcps.k12.mt.us.  If I have you multiple periods in voc Prep 2 you must do one for each period (yes you many copy and paste). Here is the information you will need:



Class Title:


Missing Assignments and when you will be getting them to me:

You will list all missing assignments from the date of the Q Check (i.e. Q Check date is 3/30 then all work not completed prior to that date is written down). I am only looking for missing assignments in MY classes unless I post otherwise.

I will also set up video conferencing as follows through Google Hangouts found in the Google Classroom and you can join by phone or computer


8:00-8:30      Period 1: Study Skills

12:00-12:30   Period 3: Vocational Preparation 2/Intro to Exceptionalities 

1:30-2:00       Period 4:  Vocational Preparation 2/Intro to Exceptionalities



12:00-12:30   Period 7:  Vocational Preparation 2/Intro to Exceptionalities/Exploring Exceptionalities

1:30-2:00       Period 8:  Vocational Preparation 2/Intro to Exceptionalities

I am really looking forward to seeing all of your faces and starting this new adventure together!  If you need me for anything please email me or send me a Google Hangouts chat.  I am learning all of this as we go so all of you are way better at technology than I so be patient.  Please support each other and be kind. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Ms. Bryant