Credit Recovery through Montana Digital Academy (MTDA)

Posted by Darci Coffman on 12/2/2019 5:25:00 PM

Hello, parents and guardians of Credit Recovery students.


I am the "teacher of record" for two periods of Credit Recovery at Hellgate.  I also act as a coordinator for our school's MTDA program.  I am in the Credit Recovery classroom during 6th hour and also "supervise" 7th hour from afar.  I enter grades and attendance for both class periods and collaborate with the wonderful paraprofessional who is in the room every period of the day.  There are four other teachers who supervise the other Credit Recovery periods during the day.  Together, we celebrate success, help students find knowledgeable experts to help with course content questions, and provide the basic structure that most students need to be effective.


I love working with Hellgate kids to recover credit through MTDA.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.  Thanks for your time!