Children's Choice

Posted by Darcy Caron on 9/9/2019

It has been an amazing opportunity for our students to participate in the Children's Choice Award for the past two years, and now we are excited to begin our third and final year of reading and voting.  Book publishers are currently sending us brand new books they would like considered for recognition by students. In return, we read the books and vote on them.

Students in grades 3-5 are able to check out a children's choice book to keep in their classroom and read at school. Students in grades K-2 are listening to books during their library visit or with their classroom teacher. All students vote on the books they read or that are shared with them by choosing one of the following:

I liked it

It was okay

I didn't like it

At the conclusion of the program in January 2020, the results are compiled by the International Reading Association and the Children's Book Council. The top scoring books receive the prestigious honor of being recognized on the Children's Choices List. Click on the link to see the 2019 reading list or to learn more about the award.

Finally, the best part for us--we get to choose which of the books we will keep for our school or classroom libraries. By the end of the program this year, we will have added nearly a thousand new books to our library worth over $10,000.