How to Login to Google and Clever

Posted by Petrea Parkey on 3/24/2020 11:45:00 AM

Hello again!


We have had a couple parents contact us wondering how to access Google Classroom from a home computer.  Thank you so much for reaching out!  Chances are in this move to digital learning, if you are struggling with something, many others are as well.  We are here to help and assist in what ever way we can, and we appreciate you letting us know when you encounter a snag.  

I put together a document that should walk you through how to get access to Google Classroom from a home browser.  It is attached with this link:  How to Login to Google Classroom from a Home Computer

In addition to this, if you go to the website and click on the Web Connect, you will see a link in the student section for Clever.  When students click on this link it will prompt them to log in using their google account.  It is the same username and password that they use to log in to Google as directed in the attachment to this email.  

Clever is the site that will give them access to the IRLA and ENIL books mentioned on the Online Learning website created by our district.

Hope this helps, and keep those questions coming!  


The 4th Grade Team