January Update

Posted by Petrea Parkey on 1/6/2020 8:00:00 AM

Whats happening in English Language Arts??:

  • We are continuing to work on opinion writing.  Students are separating introductions and conclusions away from body paragraphs and using direct quotes from texts to support their opinions.
  • We will be taking the STAR test next week to measure our reading progress so far this year.
  • We have been learning about Indigenous cultures of North America though a fictional story.  Our next texts will continue this learning.  We will read nonfiction texts about four different indigenous cultures in North America.
  • We have begun learning and using Greek and Latin root words to help students with both spelling and vocabulary acquisition.
  • We continue to practice and learn proper conventions and grammar.  We are focusing on punctuating dialogue correctly, as our next writing standard will be narrative writing.
  • We have begun discussing figurative language and using words as an artform.  We will continue this investigation as we start our 6 week poetry unit at the end of January!