What we're learning in January

Posted by Sara Ibis on 1/6/2022 11:00:00 AM

Here's what we're doing in January!


  • Division
    • Understanding the meaning of division
    • Connecting division to multiplication
    • Using strategies to divide
    • Building fluency with multiplication and division facts 
  • Using Patterns

Assessments: Lesson 11 quiz (week of 1/3); Lesson 12 quiz (week of 1/10); Lesson 13 quiz (week of 1/18); Unit 2 Assessment (week of 1/18)

*We'll also be re-taking our math benchmark tests on STAR 360 and I-Ready. 


 English Language Arts

  • Reading: The Year of Miss Agnes
    • Using text evidence to answer questions
    • Determining main idea
    • Describing character actions
    • Connecting story to history and culture
  • Writing: Narratives
    • Developing character and plot
  • Writing: Parts of Speech
    • Using nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositional phrases

Assessments: Parts of speech project (week of 1/10); Final narrative (week of 1/24)

*We'll also be retaking benchmark assessments in STAR 360 and IRLA


  • Animals
    • How have animals and habitats changed over time?

Assessments: None planned

 Social Studies

  • World geography and culture with guest teacher Udo Fluck
    • Udo will join us every Wednesday for the next few months to teach us about places around the world.


Upcoming Events:

1/17: No School

Week of 1/31: MCT Residency

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