SBAC Testing

Posted by Sara Ibis on 4/12/2021 3:00:00 PM

SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The SBAC is a computer-based, standardized test in math and English Language Arts (ELA) given to students every year starting in the 3rd grade. The assessment tests each student on grade level skills and competencies and is aligned to the Common Core standards for Math and ELA.

Knowing that the last year of learning has been interrupted and delivered in a variety of models, I want students to approach the test with a stress-free mind set. We'll use this test as an opportunity to celebrate! We'll celebrate our curiosity, effort and resiliency. We'll celebrate making it through a truly strange year. And we'll celebrate all things we learned at home, online and in school. From an adult/ teacher perspective, this test is also an opportunity for us to to get back on a regular cycle of data collection and to ease our students into another aspect of a "normal" school year.  

We'll take the SBAC in the morning on April 27, April 28, May 4 and May 5. Each testing session will take about 1 hour. The rest of our school day will be a regular school day. We'll review the test features and tools and take a short practice test the week of April 20 so students can gain familiarity with the test tools. 

Please make sure your student is at school on the above testing days. It always helps to get a good night of sleep and plenty of playtime outside on test days.