What we're learning in April

Posted by Sara Ibis on 3/29/2021 3:00:00 PM

Here's what we're doing in April!


  • Area
    • Using square units and multiplication to find the area of a rectangle
    • Adding together compound shapes to find area
  • Scaled Graphs
    • Reading and interpreting picture and bar graphs
    • Creating scaled graphs
  • Fractions
    • Understand what a fraction is
    • Understand fractions on a number line

Assessments: Lesson 15 quiz (week of March 29); Lesson 16 quiz (week of April 5); Lesson 19 quiz (week of April 12); Lesson 20 quiz (week of April 26)

Fraction models

English Language Arts

  • Reading/Social Studies Integrated Unit: Becoming an Active Citizen
    • Explain how characters’ actions affect the sequence of events in a story
    • Determine main idea
    • Identify structures of government
    • Determine actions of an engaged citizen
  • Writing: Opinion Writing
    • Determine purpose and structures of opinion writing
  • Writing: Poetry
    • Determine features of free verse poetry

Assessments: Final severe weather informational essay (due week of April 5); Final opinion essay (due week of April 26)

Brave Girl cover


  • Force and Motion
    • Observe, investigate and measure the forces on an object

Assessments: None planned

magnet bar

Upcoming Events:

April 6: Picture Day

April 19: Remote Learning Day (4 day school week)

April 27-28: SBAC ELA test

May 4-5: SBAC Math test


What is SBAC testing? 

SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The SBAC is a computer-based, standardized test in math and ELA given to students every year starting in the 3rd grade. The assessment tests each student on grade level skills and competencies. Parents receive results in mid-summer. Look for more information in coming weeks.