What we're learning in March

Posted by Sara Ibis on 2/26/2021 3:00:00 PM

Here's what we're doing in March!


  • Multiplication and Division
    • Connecting Division to Multiplication and fact families
    • Solving division word problems
  • Area
    • Understanding area
    • Multiplying to find area

Assessments: Lesson 12 quiz (week of March 1); Lesson 13 quiz (week of March 8); Unit Assessment (week of March 8); Lesson 15 quiz (week of March 23)
Cover of Math Book

English Language Arts

  • Reading: Recount Key Details and Ask and Answer Questions
    • We'll be reading non-fiction books about weather to:
      • Retell key details
      • Answer questions using evidence.
      • Use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words.
  • Writing: Drafting, revising and publishing a book of original poetry; Drafting, revising and publishing an informational essay about a severe weather topic.
  • Spelling: Continuing our spelling procedure

Assessments: Poetry book due week of March 23; Severe weather essay due week of March 23
Same day in March cover


  • Weather:
    • Understanding Climate
    • Severe Weather
    • Engineering solutions for natural disasters

Assessments: None planned

 Living Through a Natural Disaster book cover

Upcoming Events:

March 1: Remote Learning Day

March 1-5: I Love Reading Week (see blog post below or Google Classroom)

March 8: Remote Learning Day

March 11: Full instructional day (changed from 1/2 day)

March 8-11: Parent-Teacher conferences

March 11-19: Spring Break