What we're learning in October

Posted by Sara Ibis on 10/1/2020 3:00:00 PM

Here's what we're doing in October!

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Assessments: Lesson 2 quiz (week of 10/6); Lesson 3 quiz (week of 10/26)

A few notes about math… The standard algorithm is taught as students make mental connection from partial sums to regrouping in the standard algorithm. The strategies listed above build on place value and reinforce your student’s developing number sense and flexibility. Please view the resources above and recommend one of these strategies if your student is struggling. 

 English Language Arts

  • Reading: Characters
    • Understand character traits
    • Understand characters’ motivations and actions in a story
    • Describe how characters in the story solve their problems over time
  • Writing: Drafting a Mystery Narrative
    • Developing characters
    • Plotting events that lead from the problem to the solution
  • Daily 3: Building our stamina for independent reading and independent writing

Assessments: Mystery narrative (due week of 10/26)


  • Engineering solutions
    • Bridges
    • Towers
  • Weather and Climate
    • Represent data on tables
    • Predict and describe climate in different regions around the world
    • Design a solution to reduce a weather-related hazard

Assessments: None planned

 Social Studies

  • Montana history

Assessments: None planned


Upcoming Events:

Mondays: Remote Learning Days

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