Remote Learning Day and Accessing Google Classroom and Clever at home

Posted by Sara Ibis on 9/23/2020 4:05:00 PM

For the upcoming Remote Learning Day on Monday, September 28, I'd like to students to access Google Classroom at home and complete two short assignments. Below are a few helful tutorial videos for accessing Google and Google Classroom at home. Just click on the blue hyperlinks. Additionally, your child will be bringing home 2 copies of their personal MCPS log-in credentials. Please keep one copy in your child's remote folder, and please keep the other copy at home somewhere near your family's device or work space. 

Video: How to log-in to Google at home with your MCPS credentials

Video: How to log-in to Clever at home

Video: Google Classroom Tour

NYC schools ramp up remote learning resources for coronavirus - New York  Daily News

Students may log in at any time on Remote Learning Days - there is no set schedule!