100th Day of School and more

On Monday, February 8th, the Blue Class and the Green Class celebrated the 100th Day of School.  In our Spanish classroom, the kids chose from a menu of different 100th Day-themed activities, including: creating structures and designs from 100 blocks and/or pattern blocks, playing Race to 100, completing a 100's chart puzzle, and completing a variety of sentences in Spanish about 100.  In the afternoon, both classes got together to hear some 100th Day stories and to eat our class snack mix made from various bags of 100 edibles the kiddos brought in.  Many thanks to all who contributed or who offered to do so!!! It takes a village to celebrate the 100th day!


Denali pattern blocks

glasses pattern blocks

pattern blocks 2 ,rompecabezas de 100

We're wrapping up our geometry and measuring unit, and the kiddos are becoming experts in estimating and measuring in inches, feet, and yards, and in centimeters and meters.

wes meter stick

Also the kids are enjoying and greatly benefitting from a daily oral language activity (thanks for the idea, Maestro Muhs!) that involves them writing a question in Spanish on one side of an index and an answer prompt on the other.  They've written a handful of cards, and they are doing an amazing job asking and answering these questions with their classmates.  Their Spanish skills are incredible, and getting more so every day!!!

green cards 1 green cards 2

Gracias a todos! Have a great week!