Snowman marble jar party and farewell dear Maestra Corona

This week the Blue and Green Classes earned their latest marble jar party.  We celebrated in seasonal style by watching the British animated classic "The Snowman" and by making marshmallow snowmen.  See the pictures below.

L and S Marsh 2 Marsh 3 Marsh 4 Marsh 5 Marsh 6 Marsh 7


We are very, very sad to say goodbye to our amazing teacher candidate, Nicte-ha Corona Aguirre, who has been a tremendous resource for all of us in 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion.  She has completed her semester and is one step closer to becoming an official teacher.  We look forward to having her come back to visit, and also to substitute teach for Maestra D. and other teachers at Paxson.  We wish her all the best and will miss her terribly!!!!!