Bill Harley, marble jar party, and the Paxson local products fundraiser

As you know, storyteller extraordinaire Bill Harley came to perform for us at Paxson this Wednesday, thanks to our remarkable librarian Nancy Peterson and to all of you who contributed generously to his visit! The kids loved the show, and the grown ups did too!

Bill Harley 1

BH 3



The kids earned their second class marble jar party, and we celebrated in pajamas today (Friday) with muffins and milk and a Peanuts Thanksgiving movie, followed by a little Wallace and Gromit.  Kudos to both kiddos for the great teamwork and behavior that earned them all those marbles! 

Last week the Green Class had gym in Halloween costumes, and this weekend they had gym in their pjs!


pj 1

pj 2

The Paxson local products fundraiser is in full swing.  Please support all the wonderful arts programs and other fantastic activities it helps fund by encouraging your friends and family to choose from some of the amazing products that your kiddo is hoping to sell!


Finally, don't forget that next week are our parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday.  If you haven't already, please go to

this page to sign up for your conference!


Have a terrific weekend!