Reading Makes You Brighter!

Posted by Michele Nokleby on 2/10/2016


Let your reading light shine!


Kids who record their home reading from now until March 17th have  a chance to win some great prizes.  All readers who can read at least 3 hours (180 minutes) will get an

OSPREY BASEBALL GAME TICKET! (Read more, get more tickets!)


Kids who read 10 hours (600 minutes)will win one SILVERWOOD THEME PARK TICKET!  


The Missoula Masons have also pledged to give 3 lucky readers a brand-new



All kids who read 10 hours will be entered into a drawing for the Kindles.  I will add a child’s name again for every hour read beyond 10.  The more your child reads, the more likely they will be to win in the drawing.

Please enter your reading minutes each day with our on-line form.  Just click HERE!