Love To Read Results

Posted by Michele Nokleby on 3/27/2015

I am so pleased to have so many students keeping track of their reading this spring.  All recording sheets were due on 3-20, and these are the students who participated.  Names in yellow read at least 10 hours (sometimes much more) and will receive a ticket to Silverwood Theme Park.  Every child participating will receive tickets to a Missoula Osprey game, and have their name entered in a drawing for a Kindle E-reader or a new bike. Everyone will have to be patient however, as traditionally the tickets don't arrive until school is almost over!
Student Name class
Sara N 5 Karlin
Hayden D 3 Senecal
Alex C 3 Senecal
Freya J 5 Karlin
Sierra F 4 Tackett
Sophia P 2 Campbell
Saricia B 3 Kalkschmidt
Drew P 4 Riordan
Violet K 3 Kalkschmidt
Paxton P K Jourdonnais
Mirabella R 3 Kalkschmidt
Virgil J 2 Campbell
Ben S 3 Kalkschmidt
Nicholas Z 4 Riordan
Molly H 1 Schueterer
Elliott B 2 Krause
Tory H 4 Riordan
Liam S 5 Pritchard
Will V 1 Farnes
Andrew E 4 Riordan
Alexis W 3 Kalkschmidt
Collin S 4 Riordan
Adelaide S 2 Krause
Sophia S 1 Nisbet
Hayzen Y 1 Schueterer
Laynie J 3 Kalkschmidt
McKinley H 4 Riordan
Patty S 2 Ferm
Olviva G 2 Campbell
Wyat M K Turnbull
Mikayla D 5 Pritchard
Rachel S 5 Karlin
Keelan H K Jourdonnais
Alex H 3 Senecal
Tyler H 2 Krause
Max M 3 Kalkschmidt
Sage H K Jourdonnais
Kael R K Jourdonnais
Addison L 4 Riordan
Madigan S 5 Karlin
Misha R KLubke
Jackson H K Thao
Grace G 2 Campbell
Aiden H 2 Ferm
Alena W KLubke
Gracie M 5 Pritchard
Silas S 3 Kalkschmidt
Victor G K Thao
Piper B K Thao
Bella B 2 Campbell
Alexis S 5 Pritchard
Caleb S 1 Nisbet
Celi D 5 Karlin
Haley H KLubke
JC M 4 Riordan
Jeremy R 3 Kalkschmidt
Kelton S K Jourdonnais
Lukas May 4 Riordan
Paq M 4 Riordan
Ruby A 4 Riordan
Shane G 3 Kalkschmidt
Stephen M 5 Karlin
Sullivan M KLubke
Forrest R K Jourdonnais
Calijah L 3 Kalkschmidt
Carmen S 4 Riordan
Nyreec A 4 Tackett
Tiffany K K Turnbull
Vincent Z 2 Ferm
Carmyn S 1 Farnes
Nya M KLubke
Lillian C 3 Senecal
Cloee C k Thao
Gabriel T K Thao
Hektor M KLubke
Lorena L KLubke
Kensington W 1 Schueterer
Krystina C 1 Nisbet
Devin A 2 Campbell
Adi C K Turnbull
Caden K 1 Schueterer