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Trout in the Library

Thanks to a partnership between Trout Unlimited and Trout in the Classroom, Rattlesnake has just welcomed its first school of fish. Working with Al Ford and Bill Fischer Rattlesnake third-grade students helped install a fish tank in the library, which now houses 258 tiny cutthroat trout.

Over the spring, students will study the life cycle of the fish and their environment, including tracking oxygen levels, water temperature and pH, growth habits, and more. This months-long unit will give the third-graders numerous opportunities to think like scientists--they'll record data, make hypotheses, engage in experiments, and eventually share their results.

Trout in the Classroom (TIC) offers similar programs in schools throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students learn firsthand the ins and outs of watershed stewardship. As part of the program, TIC provides schools the fish eggs, tank, and necessary "chiller" to keep the trout at just the right temperature. Turns out that raising trout in a tank is no trivial task!

While the third-graders will take primary responsibility for the fish, the whole school has been pretty excited about the charming new library inhabitants. They're almost as entertaining as books!