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Fifth Grade Spark Project

Rattlesnake fifth graders had the opportunity to work with a local Spark Artist to explore Colonial American artwork by creating clay African face jugs. The project, which was funded through Spark Arts Missoula gave students a look into a lesser known form of american folk art.  Artist,  Alison Reintjas shares some background about the project...

"I love this project because it centers around what was an African American art form-brought over with slavery. When we think of Colonial America it's not the sort of artwork that initially comes to mind. But face jugs permeated American culture to such a degree that they remain an American folk art tradition from Appalachia to the east coast. Kids also love the grotesque and this project provides a challenge that embraces that.

I see this lesson as an opportunity to foster understanding on the issues and impacts of slavery from the very formation of America."