• Debbie Hendricks

    Debbie Hendricks
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    I'm a Missoula native, having returned in 1999 after time spent in South Carolina and Washington state.  I earned my BA in English and Latin, and MS in Fine Arts from the University of Montana.  I've been at Hellgate since 1999.  Hellgate is a great place to teach...and for students to learn and mature!  All three of my children are Hellgate graduates--and two are already UM graduates...and one is a graduate of University of Washington Medical School.
    I teach Latin and English.  I teach Latin I, Latin II, Latin III & IV--IB SL, and English 4.   Though curriculum is important, there are so many more things for students to discover!  I keep discovering things I love:  learning, reading, hiking, taekwondo, and chocolate. 
    In an increasingly global society, it is essential to have knowledge of many languages and cultures.  As well, there are many issues students face today which truly aren't new, but are being looked at through a new lense.  I hope to encourage research and exploration of those issues.
    Communication helps all of us to move students along on their personal journeys of discovery.  Please contact me by e-mail or phone.  *Note that if I don't answer an email or phone call within 24 hours (during the school week), it means I didn't get it.  Students are welcome--and invited--to come in with questions, for help or to just hang out.  I'm available at lunch/after school by appointment. 
    Carpe diem!


  • in Room 328

    Period 1 - Prep

    Period 2 - English 4 

    Period 3 - Latin I 

    Period 4 - Latin II 

    Period 5 - English 4 

    Period 6 - Latin III/IV (IB-SL)