Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy for Trustee Candidates

  • May 5, 2020 Trustee Election:

    Trustee candidates may file the Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy form for the three seats that are up for election to the Missoula County Public Schools Board of Trustees. The election will be held on Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

    The following board seats are up for election:

    • Two K-12 trustee seats that represent both the Elementary and High School District for three-year terms.  Candidates must reside within the MCPS Elementary District boundary. These positions are currently held by Heidi Kendall and Jennifer Newbold.
    • One high school trustee seat that represents Election District “D” for a three-year term. Candidates must reside in Election District “D”, which includes the attendance area for the following schools: Swan Valley; Seeley Lake; Sunset; Potomac; and Clinton.  This seat is currently held by John Elliott Dugger, Jr. MCPS High School District Map

    MCPS trustees are non-paid positions. Trustees are expected to attend two (2) monthly meetings that focus on school district operations. In addition, trustees are also expected to attend special meetings, board work sessions, budget study sessions, building visits, graduation ceremonies, and special events. Meetings are primarily held in the evening.

    There are 11 trustees on the MCPS school board. Seven trustees represent both Elementary and High School Districts, and four trustees represent various outlying communities, and only vote on High School District issues.

    Qualifications for School Trustee:

    A trustee must:

    • be qualified to vote in the district; 20-3-305, MCA
    • be a resident of the school district;
    • ensure that they do not have a conflict of interest per policy 1512 Conflict of Interest.

    Instructions to File:

    1. Complete the Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy for Trustee Candidates form which can be found on the Montana Office of Public Instruction website or may be obtained from Kara Tortorich at the MCPS Business Office at  915 South Ave W., Missoula. The Oath of Candidacy must clearly identify the position sought.
    2. Turn in your completed Oath of Candidacy to the MCPS Business Office at 915 South Ave W.  Kara Tortorich can notarize your candidacy form for free and direct your form to the MCPS Clerk.  Deadline: March 26 at 4 p.m.
    3. Candidates must work directly with the Commissioner of Political Practices to file the C-1-A form and any other required forms in order to appear on the ballot.  As of October 2019, and in accordance with 13-37-225 and 226 MCA, all candidates must file these forms electronically.  Please visit the Commissioner of Political Practices page for instructions and to file. 
    4. See “Contacts & Helpful Links” below if you have questions.

    Contacts and Helpful Links:

    Missoula County Public Schools Business Office

    Montana Commission of Political Practices

    Missoula County Elections Office

    • Address:  140 N. Russell
    • Note: About a month before an election the office MAY relocate to the Elections Center at the Missoula Fairgrounds.  Contact the elections office for their current location and questions.
    • For candidate information and to view a list of current candidates, please visit the Missoula County website.
    • Email:
    • Phone:  (406)258-4751

    Office of Public Instruction

    • Website:
      • Website Hint:  Select the "Leadership" tab and then select "Elections".