Guiding Principals

  • To achieve the MCPS Vision for 21st Century Teaching and Learning, the Teaching and Learning Department has participated in a reflective process that outlines the guiding principles we will honor. Such principles provide clarity while guiding us and our collaborative work. We pledge to uphold these principles in order to bring about improved outcomes within our MCPS community.

    What do we value?

    • We value research proven strategies implemented within an innovative system to prepare students to be life, college and career ready.

    What do we believe?

    • We believe all MCPS students will have a consistent and articulated learning experience that fosters learning and growth within a thoughtfully-designed system.  All students, adults, and stakeholders will know what we do and why we do it.

    What are we here to do?

    • We are here to empower collaborative, reflective teams of innovative educators to elevate teaching and learning.

    How will we accomplish our aim?

    • Our aim is to continue to develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum, grounded in evidence based instructional components.  We will guide and support teachers as they implement best practice.

    Who do we exist to serve?

    • We serve the greater Missoula Community including students, staff, leaders and families through engaged and inspired partnerships.


Driver Diagram

  • Teaching & Learning Driver Diagram

Coaching Roles

  • T&L Coaching Roles