Request for Information

  • IP Telephony at Missoula County Public Schools

    Missoula County Public Schools (herein MCPS) is seeking information from vendors to determine options to upgrade its current District wide telephone system.

    Based on the responses to this RFI, MCPS will pursue the option that most meets its needs regarding cost, performance, delivery method, growth potential, scalability and least disruptive to operations.


    The sole purpose of this RFI is to gather information regarding possible solutions for a new IP Telephony solution for MCPS.  This is not a solicitation to purchase services and/or goods.  No contract will be awarded based on the responses to this RFI received.  MCPS may or may not choose to issue a solicitation to contract for these or similar goods or services.  MCPS may or may not choose to incorporate information gathered through this RFI into possible future requirements.  Responding to this RFI is not a pre-requisite to submitting a proposal for any subsequent procurement.  Respondents should not provide confidential or proprietary information.
    Return Sealed Responses to:
    Missoula County Public Schools
    Attention:  Burley McWilliams
    915 South Avenue West
    Missoula, MT  59801
    Deadline for receipt of responses is 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 30, 2017.  
    RFI Response Contact:  Companies responding to this RFI shall designate a single contact within the firm for receipt of all subsequent information regarding this RFI.  
    Format of RFI Responses:  The following outline is offered to assist in the development of the response, including:  
    1)  A cover letter which shall include a brief summary of the response
    2)  A section shall include answers to questions from the section "Information Being Requested" and a detailed description of the potential IP telephony solution.  
    The response shall cover any or all of the areas of information requested by this RFI.  If required, a glossary that provides/defines terminology shall be included in the response.  
    Reimbursement:  MCPS will not reimburse submitters for any costs in conjunction with their responses to this RFI.
    Questions Regarding this RFI:  Any questions regarding this RFI should be directed to:  
    Burley McWilliams, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor