• Ms. Kolczak

    Ms. Christine Kolczak
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    Thursdays/Fridays only at Hellgate

    Welcome to Hellgate High School Counseling.  I am the school counselor for Students with the last names L-Q 11th and 12th.  I am the Department Chair for counseling at Hellgate.  I work part-time at Hellgate.  I split my time with the Missoula Online Academy.  Counselors are a great resource for parents and students who may need some additional academic or personaly/social support.  We can help students access community resources and prepare for life after high school. 

    Remember to validate student’s tough emotions and where appropriate, coach the student to use coping skills.

    Be a cheerleader! Provide positive reinforcement for willingness and goal completion. A little positivity goes along way for everyone involved.