• PERIOD Year Long
    Period 1  8:20-9:08 Library   
    Period 2  9:11-10;00 Library
    Period 3  10:03-10:50 Library
    Period 4  10:53-11:40 Library
    Period 5  12:30-1:17 Library
    Period 6  1:20-2:06        Library
    Period 7  2:09-2:55 Library
    PACE  2:58-3:30 Library
  • I am Brenda GIllhouse, your Meadow Hill Middle School librarian.  I have always loved libraries from the time I was a little girl in Quincy, IL, starting with Saturday morning visits to the Quincy Public Library with my parents.  My love of books continued with my undergraduate degree at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, where I majored in English and History with my education studies.  After teaching English in Illinois for four years I moved to Montana where I earned my Master’s Degree in Education with a library focus.  I have been a librarian with MCPS for 33 years, 29 of them in the Meadow Hill Library.  Whenever I visit any school I always want to see the library.  As I have travelled over the years I love to see unique libraries like the Library of Congress, different Presidential Libraries and the Salt Lake City Genealogy Library.  I love big libraries like the New York Public Library and the Boston Public Library and small  libraries like the  Nantucket Atheneum Public Library 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod.  Check out the library I recently visited in the picture above...on a cruise ship off the Hawaiian Islands.  As you can see, I love libraries.  However,  I must say that my favorite library is the Meadow Hill Library!  So stop in and visit the best library ever….I can find a book just for you!