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    Thirty-eight years experience teaching middle school.  Thirty-eight years 6th, 7th and 8th grade math, advanced math, seventeen years ELA and way to many years taking classes at the U of M, BA -1978 U of M, Graduate level classes U of M.  Writing this biography is making me feel very, very, old so I think I will move on!  I love teaching, math, ELA, doughnuts, and my family!  This is not really my picture, I'm much taller, but I do think A. E. got it right, be ready to use your A to B skills but also your imagination at our great school.

  • PERIOD         


    8:20-9:07Accelerated Math - II
    9:10-9:578th Grade Algebra
    10:00-10:478th Grade Algebra
    10:50-11:42Curriculum Teams
    Planning and class planning

    PACE   Practice and Retesting