Mission and Vision

    The mission, vision and core beliefs of MCPS are the foundation for the future of our schools.  We will create an inspired 21st Century Educational Culture that improves lifelong student achievement, develops remarkable educational leaders and engages the Missoula community in the future of its children. 
    To ensure every student achieves his or her full potential, regardless of circumstance and ability.

    We communicate; we collaborate; we think critically; and we create.  We are Missoula County Public Schools - educational leaders in a global society - fostering uncompromising excellence and empowering all learners.
    MCPS Achievement for All  By the Numbers infographic with colorful shapes
  • "Forward Thinking, High Achieving" defines Missoula County Public Schools. We believe that every student can achieve and graduate, regardless of circumstances or abilities.

    Missoula County Public schools released the following statement from Superintendent Rob Watson on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Missoula County Public schools’ mission is to ensure every student achieves their potential, regardless of circumstance and ability.

    “I do believe it is important to share some thoughts about human rights and our District commitment to equity and safety during these difficult times.   

    Missoula County Public Schools are a place where we value human diversity, oppose discrimination, and where we are willing to listen, learn, and collaborate to improve the human condition for all of our students and families. To this end, we have district policy that commits to the importance of equal access to educational opportunities for all. 

    Policy 3210: Equal educational opportunities shall be available for all students without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, economic or social conditions, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender nonconformity, or actual or potential marital or parental status. 

    As educators, we know the importance of safety and the critical tie to student success.  We know that students can’t learn when they don’t feel safe. In our classrooms and schools, we strive to create a safe environment so that all kids can learn. During times of unrest, frustration and injustice we can all do our part to create that feeling of safety in our local community.   

    We share our commitment with the city, county and University of Montana to make Missoula an inclusive, welcoming and supportive community that values and promotes diversity in all its forms. As educators, we each have an important role to play as advocates for equity. We can commit to listening and learning to impact real change in our practices. We can also commit to acting in solidarity against racism and injustice, because we have seen the tremendous harm created by discrimination, in all its forms.  As a school district, we play a critical role in our community and I believe it is important to share our commitment to creating a safe environment for all.”