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    We All can make a difference in students' lives!  That is a core belief of Graduation Matters Missoula (GMM), a school/community partnership launched in January 2010 between Missoula County Public Schools and several Missoula businesses, nonprofit and service organizations.  Graduation Matters Missoula has developed into a successful community-wide initiative that is focused on implementing innovative strategies that will significantly increase the graduation rate and reduce the dropout rate in MCPS schools to ensure all students graduate.  Graduation Matters Missoula specifically addresses one of the District's five main goals - that all students can achieve, regardless of abilities or circumstances - and also a key program in the framework of the District's 21st Century Model of Education and Achievement For All Plan.
    Graduation Matters Missoula's vision is graduation for all students, regardless of their circumstances or abilities. 
    Graduation Matters Missoula endeavors to support a lasting community-wide campaign to encourage students to successfully complete course work, culminating in graduation.  The initiative is a broad-based effort to rally every sector of the community to remove barriers to graduation, address specific challenges that impede student success, and create an environment that enhances student learning.  It is essential that each member of the community play a role in  helping students graduate.
    Strategic Goals
    Graduation Matters is let by a stakeholder group that represents broad sectors of the Missoula community.  The initiative is coordinated by an Executive Committee that meets monthly.  There are four focus areas that direct the initiative's efforts and strategic goals.  Sub-committees associated with each focus area are made up of a cross-section of stakeholders.