• Period 1 - Geometry
    Period 2 - Prep/Study Hall
    Period 3 - Precalculus
    Period 4 - Geometry
    Period 5 - Precalculus
    Period 6 - Geometry
    Period 7 - Prep/Study Hall

    Assignments, schedules, class handouts, etc, are available to students with an MCPS login in my Google Classrooms. Codes are posted on the board in my classroom; please email me for codes, if you don't have the one you need.

Required Materials

  • Geometry:  

    • Construction tools (we have tools for use IN CLASS, but I STRONGLY recommend buying your own set for at-home use): 
      • Straightedge/ruler
      • Compass (we use these A LOT, all year long, so get a decent one that will last)

        • Good:    Example of one of the better compasses                      NOT so good:  This type of compass doesn't last
      • Setsquare:  
        Examples of set squares
      • Protractor (if your setsquare has a protractor built in, you don't need to buy another)
    • Pencils (preferred) and/or blue/black pen
    • RED pen
    • Graphing calculator A Texas Instruments graphing calculator is recommended but not required for this class. The TI-84 Plus is sufficient for all high school level math classes, but there are many other types. Calculators are available in the classroom and need not be brought to school unless you prefer to use your own.  



    • Notebook Your choice of style, but 3-ring binder is preferred. You need to be able to organize all your notes, practice problems, and homework into separate sections.
    • Pencils (preferred) and/or blue/black pen
    • RED pen
    • Graphing calculator A Texas Instruments graphing calculator is highly recommended for this class (TI-84 Plus is sufficient, but there are many other types). Calculators are available in the classroom and need not be brought to school unless you prefer to use your own.


My Philosophy

  • While not everybody is cut out to be a mathematician, everybody CAN learn math.
    Each of us - teacher, student, parent - has a job. 
      • Teacher:  Instruct, guide, and assess learning. Provide support for those with questions.
      • Student:  Practice regularly and learn. Most importantly, DON'T MISS CLASS if you don't have to; if you must miss, get caught up as quickly as possible! However, to be successful you must also take/get notes, participate in class, ask questions, and complete all assignments. While you might be able to get away with skipping a problem here or there in the HW, not completing HW every day is an almost certain path to failure. Come in for help the first time you get stuck; if you wait until you're in over your head, well... you're in over your head.
      • Parent(s):  Make sure your student and I are doing our jobs. Get on Infinite Campus regularly. Ask to see your student's notes and homework regularly. Check what they're doing against my published assignments (have your student show you what is posted in my Google Classroom for each week). Make sure HW is getting completed every day. Encourage your student to come in regularly for help (particularly if they are spending more than an hour a night on math homework). And PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have concerns or questions! They still need your involvement, supervision, and guidance, even in high school.
    Einstein: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, ..."

Useful Links & Online Resources

  • Graph Paper (USE THIS LINK) - Choose from a 6-to-a-side sheet, a 3-to-a-side sheet, a full-page sheet, or 3-D graph paper.

    Math Tutorials

    GeoGebra  The Materials section (which is what the link goes to) provides thousands of files created by others using this geometry/algebra open-source software. Its strength is definitely its geometry capabilities, but it has better integration with algebra than the expensive software widely available. You can use it entirely on the web, or download a free version. When you've seen what it can do, try creating your own demo!
    Also check out GeoGebraTube... 100Ks free and interactive materials!.
    Khan Academy  Renowned for it's succinct videos explaining individual concepts on just about everything math/science, you can set yourself on a path of life-long learning, here! But MATH is where it's at, at Khan Academy!
    YouTube (educational only!) - As long as you stick to the academic channels, there's a LOT available on YouTube! This link takes you to a listing of the various educational channels you might browse.
 Math - Choose Geometry or Precalculus. Questions increase in difficulty as you improve!
    Calculus 1 - Free online course via Ohio State U & Coursera.
    PatrickJMT (Just Math Tutorials) - Making free and hopefully useful math videos for the world!
    One Mathematical Cat - Over 300 math lessons (Algebra 1 through Calculus) with unlimited, randomly-generated exercises and worksheets.
    Trigonometric Graphing - NCTM's "Illuminations" graphing sine applet and activity, including vertical/horizontal shift, and changes in period/amplitude.
    Unit Circle Applet with Trig Graphs - From, with sine, cosines, and tangent functions.
    Unit Circle Applet with Trig Graphs - From GeoGebra, with sine and cosine functions.
    Unit Circle & Sine/Cosine Graphs - Another from GeoGebra.
    Online Calculators
    Desmos Graphing Calculator - Free online graphing calculator. Easily one of the best graphing calculators freely available on the web!

    Miscellaneous Web Stuff...

    TedTalks:  Benoit Mandelbrot discusses his work with fractal geometry and the theory of roughness.

    Congruent Triangles Applet:  See which combinations produce congruent triangles (SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS).