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    Lisa Moser / Frau Mo / Madame Mo
    728-2400 X 6632, Room 331

    Bonjour! - Gruesst Euch!
    I am a Missoula native and a Hellgate and UM graduate.  I was so influenced and impressed by the then Hellgate German teacher (literally a legend), Rosalind Hudgens, I decided as a Hellgate freshman in her class I wanted to one day teach German at HHS.  YAY!  That worked out!  Whoa, it is 42 years later and I still get to do just that and LOVE it :)!  
    I spent my senior year of high school as an exchange student in Germany, then served 3 years in the US Army V Corps headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.  Thereafter, I earned a BA in German and French and an MA in German in 1994 and 1998 respectively.  I have 33 years of language instruction experience. This is my 21st year teaching for MCPS, 17 of which have been at Hellgate.  GO KNIGHTS!
    In my free time, I enjoy being a mom and "Omi Mo", playing with my pets, cycling, and gardening.  Hellgate sporting, drama and music events also rock my world!!
    Please check out my course content linked to this page (how, I am not sure, but it is linked :) )
    Ich freue mich euch kennenzulernen! (I look forward to meeting you!)


  • Period 1 - French 1

    Period 2 - German 2

    Period 3 -  German 1

    Period 4 -  no class/ prepare and grade

    Period 5 -  no class/ prepare and grade

    Period 6 -  German 3 and 4

    Period 7 -  German 1