• Kari Shelkey

    French Teacher

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    Contact Information:
    kshelkey@mcpsmt.org, (406) 728-2400 ext. 7510

    Class Schedule:

    Period 1 - French 1
    Period 2 - French 1

    Bienvenue and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year of French at Sentinel High School!

    Born and raised in Bozeman, I earned my BA in English with minors in French Teaching and Media Arts from the University of Montana in Missoula.

    I've spent quality time immersed in the French language through independent travels, a summer study abroad program in Chambéry, France, a year-long exchange as an assistante de langue in Dreux, France, and French Camp on Georgetown Lake with local francophones each summer.

    You can reach me by email at any time: kshelkey@mcpsmt.org

    Go Spartans!

    Course Title: French 1

    Content Standards Areas: Communications, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities

    Content Standards and Benchmark 1:


    1. Students engage in conversation, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. express feelings, likes, and dislikes;
    b. respond in one-on-one interactions;
    c. create simple descriptions of people and things within a context;
    d. express agreement and disagreement; and
    e. express basic needs.

    2. Students understand and interpret spoken and/or written languages on a variety of topics.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. identify people and objects using aural, visual, and contextual cues;
    b. comprehend and respond appropriately to simple oral and written communications; and
    c. read and respond to developmentally appropriate material and identify the main idea.

    3. Students convey information, concepts, and ideas to listeners and/or readers for a variety of purposes.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. give directions, commands, and instructions;
    b. give a description orally and/or in writing using simple phrases;
    c. write a personal communication (e.g., note, letter, invitation) ; and
    d. summarize main idea of selected authentic and/or contextualized material.


    4. Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the perspectives, practices, and products/contributions of cultures studied, and use this knowledge to interact effectively in cultural contexts.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. identify significant cultural perspectives and practices;
    b. recognize and interpret language and behaviors that reflect the culture;
    c. identify objects, images, symbols, products, and other contributions of the culture; and
    d. identify the expressive forms of the culture (e.g., art, architecture, music, dance).


    5. Students reinforce and increase his/her knowledge of other disciplines through world languages.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. identify and apply, within a familiar context, information and skills shared by the language classroom and other disciplines; and
    b. identify, through world language resources, information for use in other disciplines.

    6. Students acquire information and perspectives through authentic materials in world languages and within cultures.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. gather information from sources intended for native speakers of the language; and
    b. use authentic sources to identify perspectives of world cultures.


    7. Students recognize that different languages use different patterns and can apply this knowledge to his/her own language.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. identify sound patterns of the target language and compare them to the student's own language;
    b. identify structural patterns of the target language;
    c. identify idiomatic expressions of the target language; and
    d. identify connections among languages.

    8. Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the culture studied and his/her own.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. recognize similarities and differences, including behavior patterns, among target cultures and the student's own culture using evidence from authentic sources.


    9. Students apply language skills and cultural knowledge in daily life.

    Benchmark 1 is the ability to:

    a. identify the target language in the student's daily life and share that knowledge with others;
    b. locate connections with the target culture through the use of technology, media, and authentic sources; and
    c. locate resources in the community to learn about the target culture.