• Kari Shelkey

    Culinary Teacher

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    squash tacosKari Shelkey

    Contact Information:
    kshelkey@mcpsmt.org (406) 728-2400

    Course Schedule:

    Period 3 - Practical Culinary
    Period 4 - Global Foods

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year of Practical Culinary at Willard!

    Born and raised in Bozeman, I earned my BA in English with minors in French Teaching and Media Arts from the University of Montana in Missoula. I also recently finished a Family and Consumer Sciences minor from Montana State University.

    I enjoy cooking and hands-on design projects and am thrilled to teach Family and Consumer Sciences electives that build technical and critical thinking skills in an era of consumerism.

    You can reach me by email at any time: kshelkey@mcpsmt.org

    Practical Culinary Course Description: Throughout this practical culinary course, we will navigate and break down barriers to access and prepare food to promote well-being, explore food as a tool to build individual, family, and community strengths, and examine and act ethically on our roles as consumers within families, communities and global food systems.

    Course Goals: 
    *Make deep connections between food and well-being.
    *Build practical culinary knowledge and skills transferable to life experience.
    *Utilize resources, knowledge and skills to manage food choices that promote well-being.
    *Examine role as a consumer and impacts of food choices.
    *Identify strengths and explore potential career pathways.