• Hi! My name is Sarah Ostrander. I graduated from the University of Iowa and worked in marketing in San Diego before deciding to become a teacher. I moved from Chicago for my first teaching job at Capitol High School in Helena, and moved to Missoula recently for my husband's job. I have taught English 1,2 and 3, but am currently teaching Ms. Gustafson's English 3 and AP classes.

    When I'm not teaching I like hike and read. I'm up for anything as long as I can bring my dogs along!

    You can reach me at sostrander@mcpsmt.org. For attendance, please call 728-2400 ext. 3097

    My current class schedule is:

    Period 1-English 3

    Period 2- English 3

    Period 4- AP English

    Period 5- English 3

    Period 6- English 3

Wedding day!