About the teacher

  • On a hike in the winter with my two kids Mr. Ehlers (Mr. E)





    Mr. E's MOA Teaching Schedule

    Periods 1 (AP Biology) & 4 (Earth Science): 10-11:30am

    Lunch: 11:30-12:15pm

    Periods 2 (Earth Science) & 5 (Earth Science): 12:15-1:45pm

    Periods 3 (Physics) & 6 (Prep): 1:55-3:25pm

    Office Hours: 3:30-4:00pm



    I grew up in Oregon and spent my youth playing baseball, basketball and exploring Oregon’s beautiful Cascades and coastline. I did my undergraduate degree in biology at Oregon State University (OSU) and my Master’s in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). I am proud to call myself an ecologist and educator! As an ecologist, I have conducted research on coral reefs and mangrove forests in Panama and the Bahamas, impacts related to sea turtle ecotourism in Costa Rica, and wolves and ungulates in Yellowstone National Park and British Columbia Canada. As an educator, I am a credentialed teacher who for five years taught 11th grade biology and environmental science at High Tech High Chula Vista (a Title 1 Project Based Learning (PBL) high school in San Diego, CA). Until recently, I was the Youth Program Manager with Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) here in Missoula where I continued my mission to get youth outdoors doing meaningful hands-on projects to better connect with themselves, the natural world, and their communities. Outside of work, I am honored to call Lolo Montana home and spend much of my time with my wife Libby, son Bechler, daughter Taela, and two dogs Takla/Anza hiking, biking, skiing and exploring Montana’s endless life-changing outdoor experiences!