Mr. Hungate

    Welcome to the webpage for the C.S. Porter Choir Program! This is the spot where students will have updates on concerts, Varsity Porterliers/Portamentos, and additional musical opportunities that are available to your students. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call! 

    Class Schedule:

    Zero Period: Varsity Porterliers/Portamentos

    First Period: Prep

    Second Period: 7th-grade Choir

    Third Period: 7th-grade Choir

    Fourth Period: Lunch

    Fifth Period: 8th-grade Choir

    Sixth Period: 8th-grade Choir

    Seventh Period: Prep

    Eighth Period: 6th-grade Choir

    Ninth Period: 6th-grade Choir

Photo of Mr. Hungate
  • Email: Jhungate@mcpsmt.org

    Phone: (406) 728-2400 X 4683


    Bachelor of Music Education - University of Montana

    Bachelor of Music Performance - University of Montana