• Missoula Online Academy Logo We are doing something special with public education in the last best place, Western Montana.

    Working as a teacher is immensely rewarding. We are bringing K-8 teachers from around the world to be a part of our MCPS Online Learning Academy.

    Are you an amazing online teacher who wants to work with Montana students?

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Why teach for the MCPS Online Academy?

    • Our students are fantastic, inquisitive, talented, funny, and never dull.
    • As an MOA teacher, you can make a positive difference in students’ lives.
    • We get to ensure that Indian Education for All is upheld by weaving in this content into every subject area, our state constitution requires it!
    • As long as you are or can become certified to teach in Montana, you can work from anywhere in the world.
    • As an MOA teacher, you can make a positive difference in students' lives during a global crisis.  Your involvement will help ensure that this generation of children thrives during and after the COVID-19 global pandemic.
    • You will get training, support, and access to a Professional Learning Community of 50 colleagues in the MOA.
    • Build online education skills that will be expected in our post - COVID-19 world.
    • Cubicles are boring, online classrooms are inspiring!
Students doing yogo with teacher on colorful mats
two students working together at desks in a classroom
Three high school students working together on classroom computers

Required Materials:

    • Copy of Certificate/License or statement regarding MT licensure status
    • Copies of Transcripts (unofficial)
    • 3 Letters of Recommendation
    • Current Resume
    • Cover Letter

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  • Please contact:

    • Russ Lodge - Assistant Superintendent


    • Amy Shattuck - Federal Programs Director