• Remote Learning at Willard

    The following is an outline for accessing online learning and learning expectations during Willard’s school closure.

    Student Access

     The week of March 24th, Willard educators created google classrooms housing all student assignments and class expectations. Students can access their google classrooms using their school login information. Students may also access google classroom using the district webpage. Go to www.mcpsmt.org click on “web connect”. In the column labeled “Student” click on “Google Student Portal” to access.


    Every Monday teachers will post no more than 2 assignments per class not to exceed 40 minutes in length per assignment. The week of 4.6.20, Willard educators will grade one assignment. All assignments will be due on Friday’s allowing students to complete work when able. If the school closure last longer than next week we may move to more assignments graded each week. The goal for this week however, is to see that students are accessing their classes and working on assignments.


    All completed and graded assignments will be entered into Q. Students and parents/guardians can continue to access Q to monitor progress. Student grades will count towards course completion and credits.

    Google Hangout

    Teachers will also create time during the week to meet with students to answer questions and/or conduct mini lessons virtually. If closure lasts beyond this week, we will create a formal schedule for students to check in, please keep in mind that these virtual meetings are voluntary. Students are not required to attend the virtual meetings. For now, teachers will create the meeting times and notify students via their gmail accounts.  

    Virtual Schedule

    Below is a proposed learning schedule for students. Please modify as needed for your particular situation as this is only a guide.

    8-9 am Morning routine, to wake up and get ready for the day (I know for some the idea of getting up at 8 is...challenging)
    9-9:40 Student choice- Work on one classroom activity
    9:40-10:00 Break
    10:00-10:40 Switch academic discipline/activity
    10:40-11:15 Go outside for a walk/run or some physical activity
    11:15-12:00 Work on third classroom activity
    12:00-1:00 lunch, take a break chat with friends etc. 
    1:00-1:40 Fourth classroom activity
    1:40-2:00  Complete non-academic activity: Journal, be creative (draw, write a poem, rap, listen to music, get outside)
    2:00-next day Pat yourself on the back for a day of learning well done! And get some rest.
    Rinse repeat.