• Class Placement School Year 2020-21

    Attention Parents and Guardians:

    One of the most exciting tasks we have in schools is to create classrooms that present the greatest opportunity for all children to learn and succeed. Among the variables we consider are class size, gender, ethnicity, ability and exceptionality distribution, special learning needs, student personalities, and teaching styles. Each year teachers, counselors, and the principal work together to find an appropriate assignment for each student. If you think your child has specific learning needs or unique considerations that should be brought to our attention, please let us know in writing. Please do NOT ask for a specific teacher by name but instead describe the environment you believe might best support your child’s learning needs. These letters will be shared with your child’s teacher next fall. In communications with your current teachers through this year, please do not name teacher preferences or solicit a teacher recommendation from your child’s current teacher.

    Please email letters to Principal Pam Wright at pcwright@mcpsmt.org by May 1, 2019.