• Welcome to the Green Room!

    Mrs. Meghan Rodin

    Paxson Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

    Contact Information:

    406-728-2400 ext. 4576


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    Mrs. Rodin

    Please complete the REQUIRED MCPS Annual Forms ASAP!

    At MCPS, every employee should strive to:

    • Connect: We will focus on building strong connections among students, staff, families, and the broader community. Fostering supportive relationships is foundational to student success.
    • Cultivate: We will continually work to cultivate a nurturing, growth-oriented environment where all students can thrive. Our aim is to cultivate staff and students' personal and academic growth, life skills, and mental well-being while also supporting individual strengths and passions.
    • Contribute: We will emphasize the importance of everyone contributing positively to our school community. By making intentional and positive choices as individuals, we can work together to significantly impact our environment and those around us for the better.

    Welcome to Paxson Elementary School. Let's work together to make it a wonderful year!