GMM Wellness Council

  • Why is there a Wellness Council?
    Good nutrition, physical, personal and behavioral health promotes the healthy growth and development of children. Schools are in a unique position to encourage healthy lifestyles among students. Schools provide opportunities for students to learn and practice health choices through education, activities, food service and behavioral interventions. The Student Wellness leadership team seeks to support MCPS staff in promoting healthy lifestyles and improving student outcomes.

    Student Wellness Leadership Team Mission Statement
    We work with students, staff, parents, and the community to improve student health through better nutrition, physical activity and personal and behavioral health.

    Purpose Statement
    We work to implement school practices, policies and procedures that support student health and academic achievement. Our goal is that MCPS becomes a social force for improving health and wellness in the Missoula community.

    Wellness Council Groups
    MCPS has divided the Wellness Council into four focus groups. They are Behavioral Health, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Personal Health. Each group has a leader of either a district employee or community expert and members of each group are a variety of district personnel and community members. To learn more, see the links on this page.



GMM Student Wellness Council Logo with green figure holding up an orange sun.